Hebrew translation

Hebrew is the modern spoken language of Israel. It is spoken by 9 million people, 7 of whom live in this country. Translation into Hebrew in Minsk ─ an important necessity, because many current citizens of Israel have Belarusian roots and maintain family and business contacts with our country.

Interesting facts about Hebrew:

One of the world’s oldest languages has not been used as a spoken language for over 1,000 years, surviving only in religious books. The Hebrew language received a new breath by the end of the 19th century.
The Hebrew alphabet is made up exclusively of consonantal letters. Therefore, the translation of documents from Hebrew requires special attention. Vowels are pronounced but not written.
Texts in Hebrew are written from right to left, and all albums, notebooks, notebooks are opened from the side that is not familiar to a Russian speaker.
Native speakers of Hebrew pronounce the «p» sound with an amplified guttural pressure (just like in French).

Quality translation of Hebrew documents and reverse translation is offered by PUE Molfar. Cooperating with us you will be served by experienced translators who know how to perform their work accurately and flawlessly. The pledge of reliability of translations ─ is their multi-stage check. Translators use not only their knowledge, but also numerous reference books and specialised software. You will receive a translated copy of your passport, certificate or references as quickly as possible.

What other translations do we do?
Technical. Manuals, patents and certificates are an important part of our specialists’ work. They also frequently translate datasheets, design documents and various technical specifications into and from Hebrew.
Medical. Documents from clinics, instructions for medicines and medical equipment would also be no problem for translation.
Legal. If you have to sign an important contract with Israeli partners, translate an agreement, license, court order, company charter, certificate into Hebrew, feel free to contact our translation company.
Economic. Translators of our agency are well aware of how to work with accounting and banking documents, business correspondence and articles on economical topics.

Molfar PUE is also ready to provide services of simultaneous and consecutive interpreting in Hebrew.

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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Our company has been certified according to ISO 17100:2015
Our company has been certified according to ISO 17100:2015
Literary translation
The complexity of literary translation lies in the fact that it is necessary not only to convey the meaning of the text, but also to preserve the uniqueness of the author's style.
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