Chinese: dialects and simplified writing

Business owners whose activities are closely connected with partners from China often wonder whether it makes sense to translate a website into traditional Chinese and create a Simplified Chinese version in addition. The answer is that it makes no sense at all.

There are dozens of Chinese dialects. The people of Shanghai or Guangdong province cannot at all understand the Chinese who speak the northern dialects. Such linguistic differences are everywhere in China.

To get out of the difficult situation, the Chinese have introduced a common language, Mandarin Hua. This variant of the dialect is used by the Chinese in all the provinces, and is also considered to be the main one for international translations.

Peculiarities of simplified writing

There are traditional and simplified characters in the Chinese language. Inexperienced translators are often faced with a problem of knowing which characters to use.

It was not until the 1960s that Simplified Chinese script was developed. The educational reforms made it possible to reduce the number of features of almost all the characters. But the use of Simplified writing is a rare phenomenon in translation practice.

Simplified Chinese is used only when the conditions of translation are dictated by a commercial necessity.

Please note. For hieroglyphs to appear in an electronic document or on a website, it is sufficient to enable support for oriental languages.

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