Who was the first person to translate the Bible into Chinese?

Who was the first person to translate the Bible into Chinese?

Researchers claim that the Chinese and Armenians are closely related. A study of the DNA of different nationalities has shown that 4% of Chinese residents have the Armenian gene.

When did the Armenians start living in China?

The presence of Armenians on the territory of the Chinese state was recorded in the 4th century BC. And they enjoyed respect and privileges here. If to take a census of 1772, there were 30 Armenians for every 1 European in China. They were well-versed in the area, were polyglots and worked as guides and interpreters for European visitors.

Who was the author of the translation

The author of the Chinese translation of the Bible was Hovhannes Ghazaryan or John Lassar. The idea belonged to Singaporean missionaries.

Hovhannes knew four languages perfectly: Armenian, Chinese, English and Portuguese. His linguistic skills were first noticed in his correspondence between the Portuguese and the Chinese court. Hovhannes proved to be a skilful linguist and an excellent proofreader. Therefore he was invited to translate. The English and Armenian versions were taken as the basis.

After meeting Singaporean missionaries Hovhannes moved to Serampur and started teaching Chinese at the science centre at Fort Williams College.

The first manuscript book went to England as a gift to the Archbishop of Canterbury in 1807. Printed editions saw the light of day in 1815-1822.

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