Localisation of online games and smartphone apps

Localisation of online games and smartphone apps

The market for mobile apps and games is constantly evolving. New toys and useful electronic assistants for phones appear every day. The number of mobile device users is also growing steadily.

In the face of constant development and competition, developers try to make the best app. And if the project is successful, it is launched in foreign markets. But in order to expand the audience and increase profits from new users, the project needs to be localised or translated into another language.

Our translation agency is ready to localize your games and apps into Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, and other languages.

Specifics of mobile software localization

Many people think that translating online games and apps is easy, and that any translator can do it. After all, the characters and accompanying prompts do not require complex terminology or technical translation.

But such an assertion is wrong. Application localization is a complex process that requires more than an expert knowledge of the language. A translator needs to be aware of the following nuances:

The specifics of the particular project.
The customer’s requirements.
The project budget and its specifics.
The target audience.

In-depth localization includes proper translation of subtitles, application description, interface and tooltips. The work does not end at the text part. Specialist translators interpret the spoken text, including backstories, chapter descriptions, character monologues and dialogues.

A translator needs to understand that the online game industry is a huge special machine. Its share in the world of interactive entertainment is constantly growing, as is its audience. This situation also increases the importance of localisation itself, and therefore the demands on the quality and accuracy of the translation itself.

Our specialists have translated and localised many online games for smartphones, mobile applications, game sites (website localisation), and computer software. And our in-depth knowledge of the terminology and the game business allows us to deliver quality work, despite the complexity of the task at hand.

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