Document translation in Minsk - why contact us?

Document translation in Minsk — why contact us?

Our company has extensive experience of translating various documents into more than 50 languages. In addition, our offices are located so that customers can easily and quickly get to us. 2 offices near the metro station is one of the advantages of our company. Our managers are also competent consultants for document translation in Minsk and throughout Belarus. They can advise you on the best way to certify or translate your documents.

If you have any questions, you can consult them by telephone:
+375 44 768-02-88
+375 29 257-14-58
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We have put together several recommendations for document translation:

1) Translation for different embassies:

Where will the documents be sent? What language do we translate to? How do we certify (based on our daily experience)
Translation for the US Embassy Translation in English stamped by the translation agency and in addition an affidavit with signature of the translator is written on each page.
Translation for British Embassy English Translation should be stamped and the originals and copies of certificates should be stitched together with the translation.
Thai Embassy Translation English Requirements to documents change very often. The translation can be certified or stamped by a notary. Please check with your travel agent prior to translating.
Translation for the German Embassy (*most often for permanent residence) German translation If the purpose of the trip is permanent residence or marriage, the original documents need to be apostilled, translated and notarised.
Translation for the Czech Embassy Translation Notarized

Please note that the requirements for translations are indicative. Every client’s case is different and different requirements may apply in your particular case depending on the type and purpose of travel. We recommend clients to check the requirements with the embassies or travel agencies before contacting us in order to avoid having the documents reworked.

2) Translation for local authorities:

Where do the documents go? How do we certify?
Tax Authorities: Most translations can be certified by our translation agency seal. In some cases a notarial translation is also required (this can be the case with tax residency certificates). In each case you will need to check with the tax office.
Military Enlistment Office Translation only with notarial certification.
Pension Fund Translation Only with notarial certification.
Civil Registry Office Translation Only with notarial certification of the translation. A translation will usually be stapled to the original certificate or its notarized copy.
OGiMs (passport office) Translation with notarial certification. Translations may be laced to photocopies of certificates. Translations of certificates must be laced to the originals.
A translation with the office seal is often sufficient for employment.

Our agency translates documents in more than 50 languages. We are happy to assist our clients with our recommendations and advice, but these recommendations always remain tentative and the final decision as to what is required by the client in each individual case is up to the client.

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