Nikita is young, well-educated, professionally versed in law and the oil and gas industry, and fluent in English and Chinese. Anna has a successful career in medicine, travels extensively and speaks and writes excellent German. Alpha-Omega Ltd. values professionalism, commitment and attention to detail, and is prepared to pay an adequate price for a specialist who will translate texts for her competently and accurately. Can Nikita, Anna and Alpha-Omega Ltd. meet at the translator exchange?

Of course — such services convince clients. No — we will disappoint you. There are more than 10 major freelance translation exchanges in the Russian-speaking Internet today, and they all claim that you can get high-quality and professionally done translations with their help.

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During our market research we have checked

and found out the following:

Cheap content exchangers

The average level of payment for top performers on such services as Advego and Etxt is $1 per 1000 characters (excluding service fees), the average monthly salary of the authors of the «expert» level who constantly work at exchanger is $150-$200. The quality of Rus>Eng translation of simple domestic text, paid at the rate of $ 1 per 1000 characters, is slightly superior to the automatic translation of google.

Expensive content exchangers

Exchanges and Textbroker are friendly to good performers and attract customers with large budgets. The level of payment for top performers on these resources exceeds $2 per 1000 characters, the average earnings of authors with high rating reaches $300-$400 per month at full daily load. However, this is not enough to attract professional translators or people who are fluent in foreign languages. The English translation examples provided by the authors were primitive in vocabulary and grammar, full of mistakes and crippling Russian.

Multidisciplinary freelancing exchanges

Multidisciplinary freelancing exchanges are believed to unite the best remote specialists of Runet. Unfortunately, in this case, too, the quality of translators’ work did not live up to expectations. For instance, one of the top translators on (100% positive feedback) at a cost of about $8.3 per 1,000 characters is a perfect example of how not to translate into English. Sentences such as «A corporate event is a very important thing in every company» read like something out of a school essay.

This is what one of the freelancers we spoke to during the writing process had to say:

«I lived in the US, I speak and write normal, human English, but I don’t translate on the exchange. The exchange is for copywriting, if I decided to make money as a translator, it would only be agencies. Local customers do not know English well enough, they are willing to give a job to people with high ratings, whose English-language portfolio I personally am ashamed to open. It is uncomfortable and embarrassing for me to compete with such «pros» for orders. If I see a translation order, I walk away.


Many believe that a high rating of translator guarantees high quality of translation. Unfortunately, freelance marketplaces are characterized by extremely fierce competition. To earn a high ranking and be at the top, freelancer must dedicate all his time to exchanger.

This is why people who speak English and are experts in a particular field and are looking for a job as a translator when they have time off from their main occupation become freelancers at a translation agency, rather than going to an internet exchange.

The conditions of work, which the translation agencies provide to their specialists, are completely different from the atmosphere on the freelance markets:

high remuneration
comfortable schedule and no strict deadlines
stable order flow
loyal and respectful attitude towards translators

Can the characters you described at the beginning of this article come across in a translation agency? Of course. And there is nowhere else for them to find each other.