Tips for translating documents

Those wishing to visit a foreign country, whether for the purpose of enrolment in a higher education institution, permanent residence or employment, are bound to encounter certain problems in the process of completing a set list of documents. In particular — with translation of documents. You will need one in almost every case.

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For visa, study grant or job placement. In short — for everything that interferes with living and staying abroad. In some other situations, you may also need a translation. For example, when you come back to Belarus, you bring with you a foreign document of importance — diploma, etc.

If you intend to travel to another country, you will need to have your personal documents translated in around 90% of cases. These include

diploma and its supplement;
driver’s licence;
and so on.

Are you thinking of buying property outside your home country or are you about to make a deal with foreign partners and you are in your home country at the same time? Without the translation of documentation is inevitable. And, this statement applies to many similar situations. Therefore, you need to understand where to make a document translation and how to determine its correctness.
It is worth noting that the use of machine translators is strictly prohibited, since the end result will obviously not match the proper. But, the use of electronic dictionaries and translation memory software is encouraged.

General rules

There are actually quite a few requirements and rules. But, for now, we will discuss the most important ones:

correct spelling of the name. It must be exactly the same as in the passport;
type, state code and passport number are not subject to translation, unlike the stamp;
the documentation has to meet all the standards of the country you are going to;
check that the translator has a documented qualification. This aspect is very important. It is not advisable to turn to the same foreign language tutors or translate on your own without possessing the necessary expertise;
the role of the notary. In particular, he is only required to certify your signature, not the translation. But, it is better to check with the embassy initially.

You are now aware of the basic aspects of documentary translations. But to be on the safe side, you’d better use the services of a good and reliable translation agency.

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