Strategies of Russian and Polish film translation: differences

Strategies of Russian and Polish film translation: differences

The method of semantic communicative analysis revealed the differences in the patterns of communicative systems in Polish and Russian, as well as in the strategies employed by film interpreters.

Linguists have noticed that when a communicative track is created in Russian, intonation, other means of sound are activated, and then interjections and particles. Polish is different: semantic load is placed on nominative means. It is explained by the structure of language systems. In Russian, intonation and its modal realization have their own semantics, and they themselves differentiate complex meanings. In Polish, intonation is an accompanying one, not a determinant of meaning. Therefore, the Russian and Polish translation experts, when implementing the same task, e.g. shaping the character by linguistic means, are guided by the possibilities of their language systems.

Russian dubbing experts will rely on intonation and other means of sound with little reliance on vocabulary, while Polish dubbing experts will rely on lexical and grammatical means. And even before the text reaches the dubbing actor.

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