Top Chinese words for 2019

For 13 years now, China has been choosing the most important words for the Chinese people. This year was no exception.

Contest words or phrases must meet the following requirements:

Should symbolize or characterize the PRC and the world in the past year.
Expressed in a single character or an entire phrase composed of Chinese characters.
The words can be chosen by independent experts and the people through surveys, questionnaires.

Top words and phrases of the year:

Love is denoted by the character «ai». It characterizes a kind, loving person who is ready to help anyone who needs support, help.
Stability — denoted by the character «wen. Symbolizes the Chinese way of life. It denotes movement and achievement of stability of Chinese people in conditions of changeable modern world.
My people and my country is the title of a film commemorating the anniversary of the formation of the People’s Republic of China.

The words 5G and blockchain made the top five list.

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