Need a turnkey diploma translation?

Need a turnkey diploma translation?

The website translatediploma.bel is a service for fast translation and verification of diplomas. Why do we need a separate service? The fact is that this service is very popular with our clients and we hope that this site will simplify the interaction of our employees with the client on the issue of translation and legalization of the diploma and, if necessary, the diploma supplement. You can get an idea of the price and duration of the work and order a quick consultation.

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How much does it cost to have a certified and apostilled diploma translated on average? Translation of diplomas into English: turnkey

Apostille — 17 rubles.
Notarization of the translation — 18 rubles.
Notarized copy of diploma — 18 rubles.
Translation into English — 9 rubles.

Total: 62 rubles.

Translation of the Diploma Supplement (average calculation) on a turnkey basis:

Apostille: 17 rubles.
Notarial copy of application — 30 rubles.
Notarization of translation — 18 rubles.
Translation into English — 32 rubles.

Total: 97 rubles.

You should note that the Diploma and Diploma Supplement are two different documents.

How long does it take to translate and notarize a diploma on a turnkey basis? From 2 to 3 days depending on such factors as: -load of the translation agency, -timeliness of submission of the document for apostille and no delays in apostille placement.

As a rule, diplomas are translated to obtain employment abroad or to pursue studies.

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