Are you looking for a certified translation?

Have you been asked by an authority to do such a translation?

Do you call every translation agency to find out if they do certified translation?

Let us be clear — there is no certified translation in Belarus. Maybe you are still required to have a notarial translation?

The notion of a certified service is defined by the existence of a certifying authority in a particular field, established by law. However, as of today there are no bodies that certify translation agencies and organisations providing translations from/into foreign languages in the Republic of Belarus. Moreover, the legislation does not provide for licensing of translation activity either. Therefore, your request for a certified translation is not only meaningless, but also unlawful.

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What should you do in this situation?

You just need to know that legally there can be only 2 types of translation:

1) legalized (notarial) translation is a translation in which the signature of the particular translator is certified by a notary (you can later put an apostille on such a translation).  Translation agencies provide such service, but this is not because of legal importance of the translation agency, but because of the Law of the Republic of Belarus «On Notaries and Notarial Activity» (Article 92), which regulates the procedure and terms of certification of the translator’s signature by a notary.

2) and all other translations — a translation made by a translation agency (with or without a seal), made by your friend by a translator, or by yourself. None of these translations is legally binding. They are simply translations, which can be either bad or good, depending on the translator and his or her qualifications.

When a translation company asks you to have your translation certified with a seal or a company stamp, you should understand that the seal will not prove that the translation is certified, and it will not give any legal effect to the document.  It simply says so: «The Bureau of Translation certifies that the translation is done by a certified translator, who has been duly certified in this company.

If you are required to provide a certified translation by an organization, find out whether you need a professional translation performed by a reputable certified translator or a notarized translation.

But since a notary certification of translation is not always possible due to non-compliance of the document with the legal requirements — no legalization marks, stamps, required information etc., in this case, the alternative is just the certification of translation by the seal of the translation agency. For the sake of simplicity, such translation is now called «certified», but you already know that in this case, the name does not correspond to the essence.

A so-called «certified translation» can also be used if your document does not require notarization. Typically, this type of certification is used for foreign language translation of documents to be submitted to foreign countries’ authorities and establishments, for translation of customs, tax and court documents to Russian language.

Our translation agency will help you in any case. We are very careful in selecting translators, and only if we are sure of their competence shall we take care of your translation, and therefore we guarantee you (according to our conscience, and not according to the law) a certain quality. Every job we do is a professional translation.

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