Translation of powers of attorney

A power of attorney is a document that gives a person the right to act on behalf of another or take on his responsibility. The power of attorney may stipulate the right to use property or responsibility for a minor when traveling abroad.

Translation of powers of attorney is a matter that requires special accuracy. Performing such a translation, the specialist several times verifies the names and surnames written in the document with the customer’s passport data, clarifies the names of the companies, checks the numbers and dates mentioned in the power of attorney.

Only experienced employees work in the Minsk Regional Translation Bureau with powers of attorney. We guarantee an excellent result and please with pleasant prices for services!

Most authorities require a notarized translation of the power of attorney. Only in some cases is it allowed to translate with certification with the bureau’s seal: for example, to the embassy for a visa. If you plan to take any serious actions, then we advise you to notarize the translation. You can also order such a service from our bureau along with the translation. For notarization of the translation, the original of the document is required! Before visiting our office, you can prepare in advance the names and surnames of significant persons in accordance with passports.

Depending on the volume of the power of attorney, translation and certification are carried out within 1-2 days.

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