Apostille and legalization of documents

Today, studying or working abroad has become very accessible and popular among the population. Many residents of our country are happy to enter foreign universities, move to European countries, earn money in China, the UAE, etc.

In order to prevent a move or temporary / long-term immigration from turning into a disaster, you should seriously approach the issue of preparing for the move. Particular attention should be paid to the collection of documents. The Minsk Translation Bureau will tell you what exactly is required for successful secondary / higher education and employment abroad, as well as make an apostille and legalization of documents.

Apostille cost
250 BYN
Translation of the Belarusian certificate of birth, marriage, death, change of surname, etc. into English, German (large notarized copy of the document + notarized translation)
198.50 BYN
Diploma translation into English, German (apostille + large notarized copy of the document + notarization of the translation)
448.50 BYN
Translation of a diploma with an appendix into English, German (apostille + a large notarized copy of the document + notarization of the translation)
904,00 BYN
Translation of a police clearance certificate into English, German (large notarized copy of the document + notarized translation)
129 BYN
Translation of a certificate of non-conviction (for a residence permit to Lithuania) into Lithuanian (notarization of the translation)
135,00 BYN
Translation of a certificate of non-conviction (for a residence permit to Lithuania) into Lithuanian (+ certified translation certification)
30,00 BYN

What is apostille?

Apostille is a special stamp on official documents, which confirms their legal force on the territory of other countries and republics. This seal contains information on the date of the apostille affixing (day, month, year, registration number of the seal), place of receipt (country, city, institution) and the document certifier (name, surname, position).

The square stamp format and consistent content were adopted in 1961 at the Hague Conference. A separate sheet is attached to the document and is required to be presented to official services abroad. All countries that participated in the conference accept papers certified in this way, that is, no additional legalization procedure is required. An up-to-date list of participating countries can be found on the Internet at the information pages of Wikipedia.

It is important to know that a seal can act as a certification of the signature of a person, a certain role or action of any legal / natural person. Sometimes apostille and translation of documents are used as confirmation of the legitimacy of a previously placed stamp.

Obligatory apostille of documents in Minsk

Regardless of where and how the document was obtained, it has no legal force on the territory of Belarus, unless the original stamp is attached to it. A mandatory requirement is the apostille affixing in the country where the document was issued. Today, a translation of a document without an apostille in Belarus can be certified, but there is no guarantee that the state authorities will accept your document with a translation if the document does not have an apostille.

In a situation of moving or working immigration to a foreign country, you should take care in advance of affixing an apostille on such official documents as:

  • birth certificate of a child, divorce, marriage, death of a family member, change of name or surname, etc .;
  • police clearance certificate (not being registered with law enforcement agencies), place of registration, citizenship (Ministry of Internal Affairs);
  • higher education diplomas, secondary education certificates, various supplements, certificates of incomplete education;
  • court decisions;
  • other notarial documents, powers of attorney from family members or other people;
  • medical records, certificates from hospitals;
  • documents from legal entities;

Obtaining an apostille at the Minsk Translation Bureau is the most affordable and quickest way to resolve the issue of legalizing documents for foreign countries. The second way involves contacting the consulate. Other competent authorities in charge of issuing an apostille are the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Minsk City Executive Committee (formerly the Ministry of Justice) and the Ministry of Education.

As a rule, the apostille is affixed within 1-2 days. In the Minsk Regional Translation Bureau, you can order a comprehensive package of services: apostille affixing + translation + notarization of the translation. You can save your precious time!

It is important to prepare in advance for traveling abroad and collect a package of necessary papers, otherwise you will have to go back or send the documents back for certification. It is much easier to legalize in your own country than on the territory of another state.

By contacting the Minsk Translation Bureau, you can also get full legal advice on all issues of interest. We assist in the quick affixing of the apostille and save your nerves and money. A comprehensive service in our office includes translation, apostille and notarization of papers. You can check the cost of services with our managers.

The list of countries that have acceded to the Hague Convention can be viewed on Wikipedia


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