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Driver's license translation

The document confirming admission to driving a passenger vehicle is translated with great accuracy. After all, even the slightest mistake in the spelling of the name or date of birth can cause bureaucratic misunderstandings. When translating a driver’s license, a specialist focuses on how the first and last name are written in the passport and other translated documents.

Your driver’s license must be translated if you:

  • want to get a driving license abroad;
  • you are going to rent a car in another country;
  • plan to resolve the issue of employment abroad, and your future work is related to driving a car.

The specialists of the Minsk Regional Translation Bureau are ready to make a prompt and high-quality translation of your driver’s license. The company employs over 200 experienced translators, many of whom specialize in document translation. The cost of our services is available to everyone, and monthly promotions and discounts help to spend less.

How is a notarized translation of a driver’s license done?

If this is a Belarusian certificate, then it is necessary to bring the original document to our office and leave it for some time in our office (for 2-4 hours, depending on the workload of notaries) to take a notarized copy of the certificate.

At the second stage, the certificate itself can be collected from our office, if desired. Next, we translate a notarized copy of the certificate and then we certify the translator’s signature. Terms of order execution — as a rule, «from today to tomorrow».

If you have a foreign driver’s license, but you do not need to remove a notarized copy of the document, you leave the original document in our office and on the same day or the next day (as agreed with the manager) you pick up the finished notarized translation.

In addition, for the period when you do not have a driver’s license, we issue a letter of guarantee with a photocopy of your license, which you can show to a traffic police officer in case of a stop. This letter indicates that the rights are in our office for translation and notarization purposes.

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Our company has been certified according to ISO 17100:2015
Our company has been certified according to ISO 17100:2015
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