Cloud-based SmartCAT is a development that is equally useful and comfortable for small and large translation agencies:

you only pay for what you actually use;
no hardware costs are incurred;
you have unlimited scalability.

This is just a short list of the features of a cloud service, which helps to combine the work environment, specialist marketplace, payment systems and documentation management.

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1.     The process of working on texts and search for performers has been made flexible

The flexibility of the process means that all translators are working on the current version of the text at the same time. The translator’s work is uploaded into the system immediately, allowing the editor to correct the ready parts and the proofreader to proofread the edited material.

If a manager sees that a team of translators is not meeting their deadline, they can bring in other specialists-a freelancer, an in-house employee or anyone from SmartCAT’s 50,000-strong marketplace base.

Server-based solutions do not offer the same flexibility in terms of finding performers. It would take the manager much longer to find the right person, execute the contract and get them connected to the job, than with a cloud-based system. Moreover, the server-based solution will require additional time — for updating the server tool and privacy settings.

2.     All work done is made transparent

Translation databases and other information are open for access and use by all parties involved. This simplifies the work of the manager, who no longer has to set up access to corporate e-mail, do a quick newsletter, or notify changes to the translation database and glossary. All changes are visible to everyone involved, which speeds up the process.

The cloud-based service is web-based, so managers do not need to look for alternative sources of communication with the participants in the process. All employees are within easy reach at all times.

Transparency plays into the hands of each side of the process. The manager sees online what part of the work has been completed and can assess whether the team is up to the task. If not, the manager looks for helpers. The freelancer knows exactly what is required of him and how much time is allocated to it, so he can calculate his capabilities.

Result: the project is implemented on time and without hiccups.

3.     Record keeping, payment processes are simplified

The cloud service is automatically connected to the marketplace, which means the manager does not have to discuss the employee’s rate.

When registering on the marketplace, the specialist specifies the rate, specialization, language pairs, work experience, and uploads the portfolio, and signs the offer agreement. The manager is left to choose the right employee.

If the conditions and the specialisation of the freelancer suit the manager, he invites the specialist to work. No addendum is signed. When the work is completed, the manager chooses the most convenient payment option for both parties in the system — by bank card, electronic money, cashless payments.

There is no exchange of acts, confusion with documents, transfers and online wallets. Everything is simple and professional. The translation company chooses the format of payment for the work (upon completion of the task or the project as a whole) by specifying it in the account settings. All the rest is done by SmartCAT service.

4.     Ongoing support for security

Cloud services are known to be as secure as email and mobile phones. In theory they can be hacked. In practice, hacking is very difficult because the best IT companies and data centres are responsible for information security.

Like all corporate companies, SmartCAT takes the issue of confidentiality seriously — encrypting information, backing it up, signing non-disclosure agreements.

If a customer specifies in a tender that they need a higher level of security, the team configures the platform for enhanced mode of operation.

5.     Updates are made instantly

All settings and updates are done by SmartCAT staff, not the users of the service.

If specific features are needed that the service does not foresee, it is possible to inform the developers. The cloud-based system responds faster than its server-based counterpart, providing a solution in the shortest time possible. In this way, the service team maintains the usefulness and relevance of the system.

6.     Acts as an arbiter

If a dispute arises between a customer and an implementer, the service team acts as an arbiter of work issues in a cloud service. Helping to resolve issues related to the level of translation performed, payment methods, increasing the number of employees in the team, etc.

Exception: situations in which the bureau refuses to pay a freelancer for work done.

All advantages of SmartCAT for translation agencies at a glance

simpler to use — the service is easy to install, offers infinite scalability, no additional hardware costs
it is easier to employ additional staff — a manager sends an invitation and conducts interviews using the service
it is easier to keep track of the work done — the manager sees how much has been done and how much remains to be done, which makes it possible to involve additional specialists in the work in a timely manner or to adjust the volume of work;
It is easier to pay bills and keep accounts — all processes are automated;
It is easier to maintain confidentiality — the service provides a high degree of security and, if necessary, configures the platform to work in reinforced mode;
easier to cooperate — the service updates itself and improves to meet the needs of users.

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