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Translation agency is a professional translation agency certified according to the ISO 17100:2015 standard. Each of your translation projects goes through several stages of processing to ensure the final best quality of work.

Arabic translators in Minsk

The language of the ancient sages and poets is the official language in 26 countries. Nowadays, Arabic is increasingly needed for business communication. Native speakers of this language come to Minsk for important negotiations, so there is a need for translation of documents and informational texts from Arabic. Often there is also a need for an interpreter.

There are Arabic interpreters in Minsk in many agencies. But professionals of «Minsk Translation Agency» are valued for their special professionalism.

Why do clients choose us?

High speed of work and focus on various topics.
Availability of full-time translators and cooperation with acknowledged freelance translators.
Multistage quality control.
Excellent pricing, no unreasonable surcharges.

Arabic language is considered one of the most difficult to learn, because it has an unusual for European citizens writing and complex grammar. Employees of «Minsk Translation Agency», who are fluent in Arabic, have managed to overcome these difficulties and master the language fluently.

Therefore we delight our clients with an extensive list of services. You can order translation of documents into Arabic, translate literary text, technical instructions or apostille documents. If you need an interpreter for a business meeting or a conference, please do not hesitate to contact us. The professionalism and confidence of our employees will ensure your success.

We find a solution for any linguistic problem. For this, the bureau cooperates with 1000 translators. Among them there are specialists who are well versed in matters of legal, financial, technical, medical and other areas. If necessary, native speakers are involved.

Three-step quality check. Each text is proofread by three specialists, so the risk of error or misprint is reduced to zero. You can be sure of the quality of the received document.

Well-organized work. Our managers help to organize the workflow in such a way that a project of any size and degree of complexity is closed in the shortest possible time.

To get advice on the cost of translation from Swedish and the timing of its preparation, call us on +375 29 103-01-91!

Prices for services

Here you can find prices for the most popular translation services.
Passport translation from Arabic with notarization75 BYN1-2 days
Diploma with supplement into Arabic with notary certification506 BYN2-3 days
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How do we choose a translator?

The key advantage of the agency is that for each order, translators from Arabic into Russian or vice versa with certain qualifications and experience are selected.

  • For technical translation. This group includes documents from telecommunications, automotive, electronics and other areas of production. Our specialists understand all the nuances of translation and document preparation.
  • For legal translation. The texts are written by linguists who are well versed in international, administrative and criminal law. The staff includes employees who translate text from Arabic into Russian and vice versa for documents such as passports, contracts, certificates, and company charters.
  • For financial translation. This includes audit and bank reports, economic items and customs declarations. An Arabic translator has all the necessary terminology and knowledge of the legislation of the country in which the document will be used. The result can be notarized with a seal and be ready for use.
  • For IT translation. Translation from Russian into Arabic is often required in the field of high technology. We translate documents to the latest developments, software and mobile applications. We organize translations and localization of websites so that entering a new market is as successful as possible.
  • For literary translation. The services of a professional may also be required when you need to translate and adapt advertisements, scripts and plays, entire books and articles in the media. In this case, translating the text into Arabic requires serious preparation. A linguist needs to study the context, the author’s style, and be aware of the colloquial features of the language.

Translation from Arabic is typically performed by two specialists: a professional linguist and a specialist in a certain field (financial, medical, technical, legal, etc.).

Our advantages


Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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We translate from/to 40 languages

We translate from/to many languages, but we mainly specialize in the following languages

Our translation agency provides comprehensive translation services and focuses on long-term and successful cooperation with each client.

We have formed a special department of notarial translation: each person can make an order for translation with a ready-made notarization. You can be sure that your documents will be processed correctly for an objective fee and on time.

The department for working with legal entities specializes in servicing companies that often require the translation of various documents, contracts, as well as specialized documentation: for example, technical, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.

Our managers will help you to provide interpreters for any event in different cities of Belarus at attractive prices.

Agree, it makes no sense to be distracted by learning a foreign language just because you have a need for a competent translation. It is better to focus on developing your business or your own specialist skills. And high-quality translations are our concern. Welcome to the website of the Minsk Region Translation Agency!

Working in this market segment for more than one year, we have gained a lot of experience and managed to organize our work very competently. Why is it profitable to cooperate with us? It’s time to list the benefits that each of our clients will receive:

* Translation of documents of any complexity in an extensive language range (more than 50 languages)