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French is one of the six official languages of the United Nations and is also spoken in Canada, Europe and Africa. This is why our office receives orders for translation from / into French with enviable regularity. And the field of work ranges from equipment manuals to literary works.

5 interesting facts about French

The ancestor of French was Latin, which was the variant used by the common people. It then mingled with Celtic and was influenced by Germanic.
The Crusades of the Middle Ages were a key reason for the wide spread of the dialect in Europe. Today, French is spoken in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Quebec as well as parts of Canada, Switzerland and the island of Haiti.
The main difficulty for translators is that there are about 10 local dialects, which are carefully preserved by the native speakers and used in everyday life.
The language is interesting because of its word-binding principle: the last letter in a word is not read, but is replaced by the first letter of the next word.
The Russian has borrowed a whole layer from the French vocabulary: deja vu, ermitage, café, mousse, restaurant, chocolate, etc.

The translations we do:
We will translate documents such as passports, birth certificates, employment records and diplomas into / from French in a short time.
We provide high-quality translations of legal texts such as contracts, articles of association, powers of attorney and agreements.
We also translate financial documents such as audit and bank reports, economic articles, and customs declarations.
We have medical linguists who specialize in medical translations for manufacturers and suppliers of medicines and for ordinary people who are bringing medications with them or about to purchase them abroad.
We organise linguistic adaptation of websites, software and mobile applications.
We accept orders for fiction texts (books, newspaper articles, manuscripts, scientific papers and dissertations).

Ensuring effective communication

Whether you have an important meeting or are organizing a large-scale event such as a conference, we offer professional simultaneous interpretation in French.

The interpreter can either be present at the meeting or provide linguistic support online via messenger. Either way, you can be sure that the parties will understand each other correctly. And that is the key to effective negotiations!

Why are we easy to work with?
We will select a specialist for any task. We work with hundreds of linguists with a specialization in different areas. If necessary we enlist the help of native speakers.
A three-stage text checking system eliminates errors and misprints. You receive a result you can trust.
Prompt execution of the order. Large staff of qualified specialists can quickly cope with any size and complexity of the task.

Call us at +375 29 103-01-91 to find out the deadline and the cost of the work.


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