The Tyre algorithm

The Armenian alphabet can safely be called one of the wonders of the world, along with the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis and the Tower of Pisa. The official date of its appearance is considered to be the 4th century, the authorship belongs to Mersop Mashtots. But it is not that simple, as in ancient Armenian mythology there is the god Tyr, representing wisdom and writing.

The presence of Tyr confirms that the written language and alphabet were known in these territories long before the IV century. And probably, Mersop Mashtots did not invent the system from scratch, but restored the ancient alphabet.

What is Tyr’s algorithm?

Scientists have discovered that the ancient names of the chemical elements and their serial numbers in the Mendeleev table are closely linked. This relationship has been called the Tyre algorithm.

The essence is that each component of the alphabet corresponds to a specific number. If you take the ancient Armenian name of the element, add up all the digits and you get the serial number of the element in the Mendeleev table.

For example, the word «gold» in Armenian sounds like VOSKI (ՈՍԿԻ). Each letter has a number: ‘Vo’ (Ո) — 24th, ‘S’ (Ս) — 29th, ‘K’ (Կ) — 15th, ‘I’ (Ի) — 11th. If you add up all numbers, you get 79, or the place of gold in Mendeleev’s table.

And this is not the only word. Scientists have now discovered 50 elements in the ancient Armenian language that fit into the Tyrus system.