What and how to write about your language skills on your CV?

What and how to write about your language skills on your CV?

A well-written CV helps to present you in the best possible light. But that doesn’t mean you have to embellish it or make up «perfect English». During a job interview, a company representative can, without warning, translate the conversation into a foreign language.

Sometimes the job candidate does not want to lie, but embellishes his or her linguistic talents. The reason is that many people do not deliberately overestimate their abilities. For example, if you write that you speak fluent English, be prepared to have a full conversation and answer questions about the position. A candidate who makes a sober assessment of their skills looks much better.

Language diplomas help to determine more accurately the level of a person’s language skills. However, the informative value of a diploma in a professional context is limited. In a job, you will need specialised language skills, i.e. a certain vocabulary. However, you should realise that with a certain level of general vocabulary and grammar, it will be quite easy to acquire professional and branch knowledge. Therefore, you should not underestimate your linguistic capabilities either.

Mastering foreign languages is always perceived by employers as an asset. Even if the position does not involve the use of a foreign language. You might find that your linguistic skills are useful for your career. In addition, a Chinese-speaking candidate attracts more attention than his or her rivals.

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