Перевод веб-сайта и локализация: в чем разница?

Managers of companies whose plans include entering the international market are always faced with the need to create a website adapted to many languages. The solution to this problem is entrusted to a translation company, but before ordering the service, it is worth understanding the differences between translating the content of web pages and localising the site.

Translation of the content of the site includes a change not only the main placed text, but also titles, menu designations and other components. The difficulty with this work is that the information is usually of an advertising nature. Therefore, it is important to pay special attention to the style of presentation. The experience of our company shows that this translation requires a lot more effort and time from the specialist translator.

The translator is responsible for the reputation of the company, because thousands of visitors, interested in the brand products or services, will notice the mistake in translation. To avoid this, the specialist should discuss the list of key terms with the client. The client can also ask for additional editing service by a native speaker, which helps prepare the content for representatives from other countries.

The localisation process is more complex and involves a more extensive set of measures. It includes adapting the text to the specifics of the business and the mentality of the people for whom the content is intended. It also involves translating the site’s software, graphics and code. Providing these services is beyond the scope of an ordinary translator.

To get a high-quality translation of your website into any language, send the text content in doc or pdf format. This way, we know that all the information the customer needs will be translated. Some business owners give us just a link to the website, but in this situation there is a risk that the pages from the secondary panels will be lost in the copying process.

For more complex translations, which include technical and marketing purposes, we have professional translators who specialise in this type of work.