Why do I need legalisation of documents?

To enter a university in Japan, the USA and Europe, citizens of Belarus have to legalise a number of documents. Translation of school certificate, passport, diploma of higher or secondary education is required. The list is not universal. Each university has its own requirements. It is necessary to get acquainted with them as they help to determine the type of documents to be certified.

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Certification methods

We provide 2 methods of legalisation:

with the involvement of a notary;
legalisation without lawyers.

The first option is available if you have the originals. The condition is strict; scans, photographs and copies will not be accepted. Moreover, the notary must have such authority. If the specialist is not on the register, his signature and opinion will be invalid.

The second method requires only copies. The process takes less time and is cheaper. However, it is not always appropriate. We recommend that you do not rely on the monetary component when choosing the method of attestation, but rather follow the rules of the higher education institution.

If you are not sure which type of legalisation you need, contact our consultant.

How to Learn More About a Problem

You can do this in the following ways:

by filling out the form in the «Services» section;
using the drop down box;
Calling the number given
by paying a visit in person.

The first option is more time-consuming, but it allows you to get comprehensive information about the cost of the order. It is required to attach scans of documents, indicate language, full name and contacts. Company representative will contact you by phone, post, SMS. Remember to choose the most convenient way.

For clarification of non-pricing questions use pop-up box. Through it you can order a call.

Personal presence of the client is required for notarisation. We recommend that you arrange a visit with a consultant.

All listed ways of cooperation include:

consideration of the issue on an individual basis;
no communication costs on your side;
Providing advice at your convenience.

Receiving answers to your questions does not count as a start. Specialists will start to work on your order only after signing an agreement, which is drawn up taking into account consumers’ interests and rights.

Legalisation of documents: Guarantee of the office

We provide legalisation of all types of important and valuable documents. We translate diplomas and passports through a legally authorized notary. We guarantee that your certificates will be accepted by the commission and will pass its examination without criticism.

We offer a complete list of about 50 different languages. You can have your birth certificate or passport translated into any unusual language.
Urgent orders are fulfilled within several hours.
The office seal is legally binding and is accepted not only by educational institutions but also by other public and private entities. If your document is refused, you will be able to sue for infringement.
We provide services without advance payment to our account. Payment upon payment.
Your translation will undergo a three-stage check for quality and consistency. Native speakers will be attached to your order.
We work with the regions.

If you need urgent legalization in Minsk, but you are focused on the final result, «MINSKPEREVOD» will help you achieve your goals. Legally and linguistically correct, inexpensive, with no language or time constraints.

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