Five words that have migrated into Russian from German

Languages often borrow useful words from each other. Sometimes the process is so natural and the words take root so organically that it doesn’t occur to us to recognise «foreigners» in them. For example, we usually don’t think about the German origin of the following words:

Backpack translates as «back sack»: Rücken — «back», Sack — «sack».
Fair is a concise word resulting from the combination of Jahr, «year» + Markt, «market».
A barber in olden Bavaria sold wigs: Perücke for «wig», Macher for «making»;
Mother-of-pearl translates as «mother of pearls»: Perlen — «pearl», Mutter — «mother»;
Stück — adapted Stück, which was the predecessor of our «jest».

Professional translation into German by PUE Molfar.