Shadowing language learning technique

The Shadowing language learning technique was developed by Alexander Argüelles, a polyglot, linguist and Guinness World Records holder from Canada.

What is Shadowing?

The word shadowing translates from English as «shadowing» and accurately describes the technique. The aim of the student is to mimic the speech and intonation of a native speaker as closely as possible. This approach helps to simultaneously train hearing, reading, pronunciation, spelling and vocabulary.

Argüelles suggests that you use a text that has been legibly read out by a native speaker. If it’s a short passage you have to repeat it 10-15 times, if it’s long, 2-3 times will do.

On the first day you mechanically repeat the text after the speaker, but without translation. On the second day you perceive the material by ear, looking at the translation. On the third day you listen to the audio, watch the translation, and at the same time repeat the text. In the fourth, you read out the text yourself, copying pauses and intonations without the help of the audio file. After that, you read the text aloud and speak clearly and write down the words at the same time.

How to study?

Surprisingly, the author suggests practising the language while walking actively. It has been proven that walking makes your brain work harder and helps you remember more than usual.

At first, it may seem like your brain can’t cope with this kind of exercise. But you will understand more and more as the days go by and you will build up a full language system in your brain.

What do you end up with?

A man who has learned 50 languages on the go, literally, claims that this methodology will help you master the language to the level of a native speaker.

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