How much will the translation cost and how long will it take?

No document is exactly the same, which means that the price and timing will be different. To answer your question clearly, we need to see your document. Assume that one page can cost from 8.50 to 40.00 roubles, depending on the language of translation and certification (notarised or certified). If you have several similar documents, e.g. birth certificates of children from the same parents, we will give you a substantial discount.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us:
+375 44 768-02-88
+375 29 257-14-58
You can find the cost of services in section Prices

So, you need to do the following:

1. scan the document.

If possible we kindly ask you to make it in colour and with high enough resolution.

Send us files with images of your documents to our email: or

To avoid wasting time on correspondence and phone calls for details, you have to indicate in your letter the language of translation, and also spelling of names in English of the persons mentioned in your documents. It is also advisable to ‘decipher’ the names of obscure localities. A word «Minsk» written by hand in an illegible handwriting can be guessed, but some of us were born in places with very exotic names.

3. After your manager will contact you and the issues of payment and terms of translation have been discussed and agreed upon, you will have to pay for your order.

You can choose to do this: pay by bank card (from our website in «ONLINE PAYMENT» section or in any bank branch using the bank details sent to your e-mail by the manager who has accepted your order) or in cash at any office of our agency.

4. If You want, before certification of Your translation You have the right to receive a draft of translation from us and to confirm its correctness or, if necessary, to make remarks.

5. You can have your translation certified by post or you can come and personally pick up the documents at any office of our company by prior arrangement. You can also receive by e-mail a pdf file with translator and notary stamps. With a good colour printer you can print the file yourself. And for an additional fee we will deliver the documents to you by courier.