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Georgian belongs to the Iberian-Caucasian languages. In addition to Georgians, it is spoken by some inhabitants of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Ossetia, Russia and Ukraine. Georgian uses a special alphabet, found in the South Caucasus, to represent letters and sounds in writing. The letters are similar to Arabic script, but the words are written from left to right.

This script has a long history but it is still used in Georgia for documents, books and other everyday purposes so a Georgian translator needs to master both the vocabulary and the alphabet which is unusual for a European.

Interesting facts about the Georgian language:

It has only five vowels, so words have many consonant sounds next to each other, causing difficulty in pronunciation.
The genitive category is not a real concept in Georgian so it’s important to understand the meaning of a word and translate it from Georgian to Russian using only the context of the document in question.
Complex verbs are a stumbling block for Georgian language learners and those who translate from Georgian. Verbs can be static or dynamic, changing in person and number of the subject.
Georgians do not use accentuation in speech, they just slightly raise their voices in the right syllable.
In addition to the forms we are accustomed to, there are Vocative, Ergative and Transformative Cases.

Interpreting into Georgian in Minsk is a rare service in the capital of Belarus. We at PUE Molfar are pleased to offer it to our clients. Our specialists translate passports, certificates, diplomas and references.

Business and legal documents in Georgian are also an important part of the work of our specialists. They are aware of the subtle nuances involved in the translation of such information.

We also work with technical instructions, advertising materials, medical and pharmaceutical documents.

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We find a solution for any linguistic problem. For this, the bureau cooperates with 1000 translators. Among them there are specialists who are well versed in matters of legal, financial, technical, medical and other areas. If necessary, native speakers are involved.

Three-step quality check. Each text is proofread by three specialists, so the risk of error or misprint is reduced to zero. You can be sure of the quality of the received document.

Well-organized work. Our managers help to organize the workflow in such a way that a project of any size and degree of complexity is closed in the shortest possible time.

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