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The status of Moldovan has been the subject of fierce debate for decades. Our translation company is of the opinion that Moldovan should be considered the language in which Moldovans draw up documents and speak. The modern Moldova is developing separately from Romania, and this has a great impact on its linguistic component as well. If you need a translation from Moldovan, we will do it in a short time.

5 interesting facts about Moldovan
Moldovan belongs to the Balkan-Romanic linguistic subgroup. Some linguists consider it a dialect of Romanian, others consider it an independent language of the Moldovan people with its own literary standard and dialects.
The dialect of Gagauz, which is preserved in the south of the country, is protected by the UNESCO world organization as an endangered one.
The degree of similarity with Italian is 77 per cent, with French — 75 per cent, with Spanish — 72 per cent, with Portuguese — 72 per cent, with Russian — 14 per cent.
Previously written in Cyrillic, now in Latin.
According to the 2004 census, about 60% of Moldovans are in favour of making Moldovan, rather than Romanian, the state language.

Translations we do:
We help translate from Moldovan into Russian or vice versa personal documents passports, driving licences, marriage / divorce / birth certificates, etc. Moreover, with our help you can simplify the notarial certification procedure.
We will arrange faultless translation of legal texts of contracts, founding documents, powers of attorney and agreements.
We will provide help of experienced linguists, who know all the terminology and execution forms of financial documentation — audit and bank reports, customs declarations, articles in specialized magazines.
We will translate medical documents which companies need to sell products or equipment abroad. We also translate certificates from Moldavian, prescriptions, extracts from medical records.
We can make technical translations of equipment manuals, technical support, drawings, etc.
We shall provide professional linguistic support for translation and adaptation of websites, mobile applications, software.
We will help translate literary texts — articles for magazines, books, dissertations, advertisements, etc.


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