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With the development of information technology, the world becomes like one big apartment. That Columbus and other discoverers got it with great difficulty, we have almost nothing. It is enough to get on a plane, and in a few hours you can see the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor with your own eyes. Or even easier — turn on the computer and chat with the inhabitants of distant Australia. The only serious barrier left between countries and continents is linguistic.

The unification of residents of different countries occurs due to the most diverse ties — family, friendship, trade, political. Unfortunately, not everyone has the ability to learn languages. In order to achieve mutual understanding when communicating with native speakers of an unfamiliar language, you cannot do without an interpreter. Business is even more serious.

Important advantages of resources in different languages

The Internet is overflowing with sites offering a wide variety of goods and services. Competition grows in proportion to the increase in the amount of resources. Entrepreneurs who are concerned about translating the site into the languages ​​of potential potential buyers receive huge advantages over the rest:

significant expansion of the target audience of the site — they will know about you all over the world;

increasing the level of trust in the company — sites translated into several languages ​​command respect;

increase in conversion, decrease in refusals on the site and, as a result, increase in sales.

Languages ​​for translation

Some people think that translating the site into English is enough, because it is the language of international communication and about 80% of the information on the Internet is published on it. Professional translators advise not to forget about European languages ​​- German and French. Translation of the site into these languages ​​will significantly help in its promotion. Another important tip: include in the list of languages ​​in which your website will be read, Chinese is an extremely promising direction, among the Chinese there are the most Internet users.

New website image with Minsk Translation Agency

Do you want to promote your business not only in your country, but all over the world? Then order a website translation in our bureau. Our translators are native speakers of various foreign languages, from standard European to rare ones. Minsk Translation Bureau provides a whole range of translation services:

  • text content of the site;
  • elements that make up the interface, links, buttons;text visible only to search engines
  • inscriptions on pictures, videos, flash animations.

Having difficulty determining the list of required languages ​​for your site? We will help to resolve this issue, taking into account the specifics and subject matter of the resource. In order for your site to be adequately represented on the international market, professional translators will adapt materials for an international audience. All work is carried out in feedback mode, all important actions are taken only after consultation with the customer. Localization of the site is carried out taking into account the target audience, national characteristics of the country, and the specifics of the market.

How much does it cost and how to order?

One of the first questions that clients ask is the cost of the work of the agency’s specialist translators. It is determined depending on several factors:

  • the language into which you want to translate the resource;
  • urgency of the order;
  • the volume and complexity of the text content of the site (professional terms, narrow specialization);
  • the need for literary editing of texts.
  • Is the «site filling» service necessary — i.e. when the translator works directly in the CMS of the site or when the editor, after translation, makes the translation into the CMS of the site.
  • To determine the exact cost of the work, fill out the application and send it to, in which indicate the link to your resource, the target language, the exact list of translated pages of the website, the required urgency of the order. Leave your phone number, our specialists will contact you, clarify all the details and calculate the cost of the work.

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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Accompanying services

  • Website translation directly into CMS or «uploading» translation into CMS (service cost 50% of the cost of website translation);
  • Translation of SEO-related sections (keywords, titles, metatags, descriptions, etc.) directly into the CMS;
  • Online translations of website news, including in the website CMS;
  • Creation of site content in a foreign language (in cooperation with professional rewriters, we will write texts for the site directly in a foreign language)
  • Writing news that is relevant to the countries into which your site was translated (in cooperation with professional rewriters)