Technical translation

Our specialists translate up to 5000 pages of technical documentation monthly. These are all kinds of instructions, drawings, diagrams, nameplates for equipment, specifications, catalogs of equipment or machines, and so on. We have all the resources to carry out a competent and well-formed translation. You can order the service directly on our website.

Translation of technical texts

Technical translation is the most popular service among our clients who purchase and install foreign equipment or implement any technology. It requires competent translators who are equally well versed in technology and foreign languages. Our translation agency employs competent specialists who will carry out technical translation quickly and efficiently.

Using special software, we optimize your costs and reduce the time required to transfer orders.

We translate documents related to aircraft construction, mechanical engineering, metallurgical production, construction, energy, logistics and other areas.

We can also provide professional, high-quality layout or layout of technical documentation.

Layout (in translation) — conversion from an editable format to a non-editable format with full preservation of the location of all objects and fonts. For example, a drawing from Word to PDF. Layout is carried out after translation.

Our advantages

  • Only a high-quality result.
  • Our company employs only experienced specialists who periodically improve their qualifications. We are ready to perform technical translation from any language.
  • The control.
  • Before handing over the document to the customer, we check the result more than once. All texts are provided in a competent design.
  • Acceptable prices.
  • Unlike many competitors, we do not overcharge our services. Our rates are among the lowest in Minsk.

To order the service, find out more information, call the specified phone number or fill out an online application.

When you need technical translation

This is a fairly common procedure that may be needed by both legal entities and individuals. Technical processing differs from conventional processing by the accuracy of the facts. In this case, you cannot replace terms with synonyms, change the order of words. Technical translation may be required if necessary:

  • product presentation to partners, innovations, etc .;
  • transmission of orders from a foreign leader;
  • processing of graphs, tables, reports;
  • studying the instructions of the latest equipment;
  • research of scientific and technical literature, etc.

If you need to accurately and accurately convey the content, the work of an ordinary translator will not be enough. Our specialists have extensive linguistic knowledge, as well as the intricacies of individual industries.

Since the material often includes graphic images, drawings, layout is included in the process. That is, by ordering a technical translation from us, you receive a whole range of services.

Layout (in translation) — conversion from a non-editable format to an editable format for translation. Layout always precedes translation.

To translate large amounts of text, you cannot do without layout or layout, which is why we attract the most competent and diligent layout designers, whose work pleases the eye both for us and our clients.

We pay great attention to the adaptation of the technical text after translation into Russian. Our staff employs proofreaders-philologists who are engaged in stylistic proofreading of the text.

Technical translation of documents — accurate transmission of facts without data errors. Specialized terminology in the text has its own style and rules of compatibility. MINSKPEREVOD provides professional translation services. This is one of the main directions of our company.

Features of work

This is a time consuming and laborious process. To understand the exact meaning of individual words, context is used. The general set of words is processed to determine the style of the text.

If necessary, the accuracy of the definition is carefully supplemented with explanations. However, this is only required with a superficial knowledge of the term. In our staff, all specialists thoroughly know their profile. Pros try to avoid this, as additions can reduce logic.

When working with scientific and technical text, instructions, presentations and other data, lawyers follow the principle of accuracy, consistency and clarity. Emotional components are permissible only when addressing a wide range of people.

Only if these points are observed, the result will be of high quality. We present our clients with the clearest possible text. Therefore, on average, no more than 5 pages are translated per day. However, we meet our clients halfway in the event of an urgent order, trying to deliver the result as soon as possible.

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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