Медицинский перевод

Our bureau has a special department for the translation of personal medical records and other medical papers.

Translation of medical documents, such as: diagnoses, recommendations, reports on operations — we will perform and certify properly. We even accept handwritten notes! Our team consists of specialists who are able to decipher the sometimes incomprehensible medical handwriting.

We employ over 15 translators and interpreters on this subject. All documents are triple checked.

Translation of medical records is a very serious job, which our specialists have been successfully coping with for more than 5 years.

For a competent and terminologically correct translation, we have developed more than 15 glossaries in various fields of medicine: surgery, ophthalmology, general medicine, cancer, etc. Our translators adhere to the given glossaries.

If you need translation of medical documents from/into a foreign language, you can always entrust us with this responsible task.

The cost of translation of medical documents
Type of documentLanguagesServiceAmount per service package
COVID-19 medical certificateEnglish/German+company stamp24,00 BYN
COVID-19 medical certificatePolish+company stamp30 BYN
The cost of written translation of medical texts, articles
LanguageStandard rate
English English 19 BYN
Arabic Arabic 30 BYN
Armenian Armenian 35 BYN
Bulgarian Bulgarian 45 BYN
Hungarian Hungarian 42 BYN
Georgian Georgian 35 BYN
Greek Greek 35 BYN
Hebrew Hebrew 35 BYN
Spanish Spanish 19 BYN
Kazakh Kazakh 35 BYN
Chinese Chinese 40 BYN
Kyrgyz Kyrgyz 30 BYN
Korean Korean 40 BYN
Latvian Latvian 24 BYN
Macedonian40 BYN
Moldavian Moldavian 28 BYN
Mongolian40 BYN
German German 19 BYN
Nerwegian Nerwegian 70 BYN
Dutch Dutch 38 BYN
Polish Polish 25 BYN
Rumanian Rumanian 28 BYN
Serbian Serbian 25 BYN
Slovak Slovak 35 BYN
Slovenian35 BYN
Turkish Turkish 35 BYN
Thai40 BYN
Tadzik Tadzik 40 BYN
Turkenian Turkenian 35 BYN
Farsi Farsi 50 BYN
Finnish50 BYN
French French 19 BYN
Croatian25 BYN
Chezh Chezh 25 BYN
Chechen40 BYN
Swedish Swedish 28 BYN
Uzbek Uzbek 40 BYN
Ukrainian Ukrainian 12 BYN
Estonian50 BYN
Japanese Japanese 40 BYN
Hindi40 BYN

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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