Apostille of the certificate of secondary education

Apostille is a procedure for entering information about the authenticity of a document, carried out in accordance with international standards. The apostille stamp is placed on birth and marriage certificates, various certificates, diplomas. The apostille certifies the authenticity of the signature of the person who issued the document and the authenticity of the seal.

If a citizen of Belarus plans to enroll in a foreign educational institution, it is mandatory to affix an apostille on the secondary education certificate. In educational institutions of countries that are not part of the CIS, Belarusian documents without an apostille are not accepted.

To put such a stamp, you must contact the Ministry of Education. But on the eve of the entrance campaign, applicants and their parents do not need unnecessary worries and worries.

It is better to contact the specialists of the Minsk Translation Bureau. The staff of the legalization department have extensive experience in preparing various documents for apostille affixing. By trusting the professionals, you will avoid annoying surprises and successfully implement your plans to conquer a foreign university.

The cost of affixing an apostille on a certificate of secondary education
Apostille250 BYN

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