Urgent translation

Minskperevod.by is a professional translation agency certified in accordance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard. Each of your orders goes through several steps of processing to ensure the highest quality at the end.

Urgent document translation into Russian of foreign languages

Urgent document translation is the processing of a certain amount of text in the limited timeframe set by the client. The duration of the process is dependent on the topic and specifics of the original provided. It can be a single-page certificate, a passport or a tender document package. We at Minskperevod.by agency carefully choose an employee for the task.

If you need urgent translation into English of more than 8 A4 pages in a single workday, the price will be higher than that stated on the price list. We would need to involve two or more specialists to maintain the quality of the materials translated. Each translator is tasked with a fragment of the original to meet the deadline.

Before delivery, an urgent translation project goes through the following stages:

  • we combine the translated fragments;
  • we correct grammar and stylistic mistakes;
  • we carefully proofread and correct the finished material;
  • we eliminate any difference in the definitions between the translated text and the original.

The finished work is presented to the client either on paper or electronically. This is the algorithm for urgent document translation from and into English, Russian, Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish or German. The tighter the deadlines and the bigger the task, the more employees have to be involved for it. The price is calculated individually during personal meeting, phone call or conversation online. The consultants of Minskperevod.by translation agency will tell you the best way to complete your task and inform you of the means and procedure of payment.

Urgent certified translation: service organization and process

To correctly convey the shades of semantic expressions, technical and general terminology one needs specialized knowledge and practical experience in a certain field. When you need urgent translation with notarial certification in Minsk, it is best to ask the professional translators of Minskperevod.by.

Meaningful and carefully translated documents will speed up the reception of:

  • citizenship or a residence permit;
  • an admission to participate in auctions and tenders;
  • a permit to work or treatment abroad;
  • a right to conclude international contracts;
  • the required investments during the founding of an enterprise.

Urgent certified translation in Minsk is done in three stages. Our in-house translators expediently translate the text fragments assigned to them, after which the editors correct the inaccuracies, grammar mistakes and misprints. The corrected text is then formatted for subsequent printing and preparation for notarial certification. The notary double-checks the completeness of main and accompanying documentation package and certifies the translator’s signature. Finally, the client receives the official documents to present them to the interested party.

Urgent certified translation for individuals is required for registering a marriage with a foreign citizen, during the procedure for adopting a child or receiving an inheritance left by a foreign relative. The agency personnel can translate a certificate of marital status or a police clearance certificate, a birth certificate, documents regarding termination of parental rights, effective court judgements or a certificate of title.

Benefits of working with Minskperevod.by

The clients can order a test urgent English-Russian translation. It could be a small fragment of the original document. If the result is satisfactory, one can conclude a bilateral contract for urgent translation with or without notarial certification.

Minskperevod.by agency employs professional translators with work experience of over 5 years as well as specialists of technical and humanitarian fields. We work with the certified translators of Minsk who have sufficient qualifications and the authority to sign the translations. In order to have the urgent document translation in Minsk satisfy your expectations, it is important to maintain communication and define the task and timeframes accurately.

Urgency surcharges?

As a rule, we do not practice surcharge for urgency, especially for our corporate clients and individuals! If we are talking about large volumes of highly specialized texts in the shortest possible time, the managers of our bureau will be able to accept an order at an increased rate, since urgent highly specialized translation requires significant costs for the project executors. The amount of the markup depends, first of all, on the period and scope of work.

The cost of urgent translation is negotiated separately with the client each time.

Special offer for companies
Translation languageSpecial rate for companies
Englishfrom 19 BYN (depends on volume and topic)
Germanfrom 19 BYN
Spanishfrom 25 BYN
Frenchfrom 25 BYN
Ukranianfrom 16 BYN
Passport translation from English + notary stamp58 BYN4-8 hours
Translation of a Ukrainian passport / registry office certificate into Russian with notarization55 BYN4-8 hours
Belarusian certificate into English + notary + notarized copy155 BYN / 187,00 BYN1-2 days
Diploma without supplement155 BYN / 187,00 BYN1-2 days
Diploma with supplement (special price will be provided, if you order a complex of services)928 BYN3 days

We carry out urgent translations of contracts, driver’s licenses, other papers, in particular those that are problematic to leave in our office for a day or two.

With some preparation, our team is capable of translating up to 100 pages per day. Without some preparation — 40-50 pages.

The service of urgent translation of business correspondence, urgent translation of passports, documents for customs and much more is very popular among clients.

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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We translate from/to 40 languages

We translate from/to many languages, but we mainly specialize in the following languages

How urgent can you perform the passport translation?

Our translation agency provides comprehensive translation services and focuses on long-term and successful cooperation with each client.

We have formed a special department of notarial translation: each person can make an order for translation with a ready-made notarization. You can be sure that your documents will be processed correctly for an objective fee and on time.

The department for working with legal entities specializes in servicing companies that often require the translation of various documents, contracts, as well as specialized documentation: for example, technical, medical, pharmaceutical, etc.

Our managers will help you to provide interpreters for any event in different cities of Belarus at attractive prices.

Agree, it makes no sense to be distracted by learning a foreign language just because you have a need for a competent translation. It is better to focus on developing your business or your own specialist skills. And high-quality translations are our concern. Welcome to the website of the Minsk Region Translation Agency!

Working in this market segment for more than one year, we have gained a lot of experience and managed to organize our work very competently. Why is it profitable to cooperate with us? It’s time to list the benefits that each of our clients will receive:

* Translation of documents of any complexity in an extensive language range (more than 50 languages)

What our customers say

Here are several reviews about us from internet and some testimonials that our clients sent to us directly.
14 июня 2023 г.

Good afternoon. Yesterday, a transaction was successfully completed by which you helped us with the translation of documents. I want to tell you a lot of thanks for the work and for going to meet us and adjusted to our circumstances.

03 апреля 2022 г.

I ordered a translation of instructions for professional medical equipment. The translation is high -quality, all medical terms are observed, precisely and understandable.


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