Notarized translation of birth certificate

How do we do it?

The specialists of the Minsk Region Translation Agency daily translate and certify various certificates: marriage certificates, divorce certificates, birth certificates, certificates of state registration of a legal entity or individual entrepreneur, and so on.

Each person needs to translate at least one of the above documents for tourism, migration, relocation, study abroad. Employees of our company will conduct a detailed consultation with you and explain to you all the subtleties of translation, notarization, and apostille affixing. All this is absolutely free!

What the client needs to know in advance:

  • for what purposes the translation is needed,
  • in which country and authority you will apply for a certificate,
  • correct spelling of the surname and first name in Latin, Cyrillic.

The managers of the legalization department will certainly help you figure out all the necessary details.

For more than 5 years, our bureau has been engaged in the translation of certificates and other personal documents for embassies, courts, registry offices, tax, OGiMs, notary offices, banks, etc. The specialists of our company know how to correctly arrange translations for government and commercial organizations.

If you live abroad or are not in Minsk, we have an option for you how to translate documents.