Translation of product labels

Labels are one of the key marketing tools. On the market, a new product and a company are met, remembered and recognized precisely by the bright and laconic stickers with the name, slogan, composition. Therefore, it is so important that the translation is of high quality, takes into account all the peculiarities of the language, and also fits perfectly into the graphic design.

Features of label translation

Legal aspect
Translating labels into a foreign language is not an easy task, because the text must comply not only with linguistic, but also with the regulatory and legal standards of the country where the product will be sold. For example, whether it is necessary to indicate the presence / absence of GMOs or the name of the organization where to send existing claims. Therefore, before you start working on a translation, you need to study the legal aspect and requirements of a particular state for the design of products.

Marketing aspect
Once the regulatory requirements are understood, you can proceed to the next stage of label translation — setting the marketing challenge. As already mentioned, the label is a serious image tool, so the product name, slogan and other information should be thought out in detail. For example, the Zhiguli car was supplied abroad under the Lada brand, because the “native” name was firmly associated in foreign-speaking countries with the word “gigalo”. To prevent such overlaps and to achieve high-quality branding, we involve native speakers in our work.

Linguistic aspect
If the name and slogan refer to commonly used vocabulary, the text on the composition and methods of use of the product — to highly specialized. Therefore, linguists with special education and native speakers are involved in the work. As for the rest of the information and descriptions, they should be clear, clear, unambiguous and accessible in order to attract the buyer and give him as much information as possible about the product.

Translation of labels involves work on the text of the proofreader and editor, which will exclude the presence of errors and discrepancies in the text. Our company does everything to ensure that after proofreading, there is not a single mistake or blot in the text. Because one typo can bring huge losses to an organization that will spend twice as much on the implementation of the task.

How works

  • The translated text visually matches the source

We preserve the structure and dimensions of the text so that it perfectly matches the developed graphic design. Our experts double-check technical specifications, units of measurement, physical and chemical indicators, so that all information corresponds to reality.

  • The semantic component is relevant

The linguist’s job is to achieve a natural translation of the label. Words and phrases are perceived differently in different languages, so a carrier is working on the text, which will avoid ambiguity, unnatural presentation, outdated words.

  • Translation into several languages ​​at the same time

We translate products into as many languages ​​as the client needs. And we must take into account the linguistic, legal, advertising and cultural context in each case.

  • Proofreading is carried out in three stages

Each text is proofread by several specialists: a linguist, a proofreader and an editor. Our main goal is to provide the client with an adequate translation of labels without mistakes and blots.

  • Translation of labels into rare languages

The Bureau cooperates with linguists and native speakers of Mongolian, Tajik, Turkmen, Kazakh, etc. Contact us and we will find a solution for any linguistic problem.

How much does it cost to translate a label?

The final price of label translation is determined by two factors: the language pair and the volume of work. Rare languages ​​are more expensive because finding a good linguist with the right specialization is not easy.

A page of text for translation is 1800 characters with spaces and other characters. Many agencies accept it as a minimum order quantity. If the text exceeds the specified size, the calculation is carried out character by character.

Our company provides discounts to regular customers. Therefore, if you contact us again, the translation of labels will be cheaper.

To consult and navigate the cost of the service, order a free callback. We will call you and discuss everything!