Translation for USA

One of the most popular destinations for Belarusians is the United States of America. Translations from English for the United States, as a rule, are made without notarization.

Very often, the originals of your documents are required with an apostille and translation with an agency seal or a translator’s signature with a specially completed affidavit.

If you plan to live in the United States, we recommend that you apostille all your personal documents that you may need in the future. Remember that the apostille is affixed in the country of issue of the document.

In our company you can order a full range of services for translation and certification with agency seals.

The transfer procedure is as follows:

  • You can send us scans of your documents by mail or by viber.
  • You will be required to provide the full names of the persons appearing in the documents in Latin in accordance with passport data.
  • After payment we will carry out translation and special paperwork.
  • When ready, you can visit our office and pick up the original translations with seals.

In the case of ordering an apostille for documents, it is necessary to provide and leave the originals in our office for some time!

Our translators are very competent in translating documents into English. Each document is subject to editorial review. We prepare the average package of documents for America in 2 working days.

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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