Localization of websites

To localize an entire site, it is not enough to linguistically correctly translate all the texts. It is necessary to translate, taking into account the peculiarities of promoting resources in a foreign language web space. Therefore, a linguist should at least have an idea of the work and promotion of sites, and it is better to be a real professional in this.

Website localization is more than just translation

  • Advertising texts are adapted to the characteristics and mentality of the target market, if necessary, even the visual part of the resource changes.
  • Graphics and flash-screensavers with captions are redrawn, sometimes the font changes.
  • Language tags, date display formats, units of measurement and so on are changed.
  • Sites are re-typed if the source and translation materials should be located differently. For example, when translated from Chinese, the material doubles in length.

Therefore, the time and effort spent on localization is always greater than in the case of translating a separate article on a similar topic.

What localization gives

  • The circle of visitors is expanding, which is especially important if the company plans to enter the foreign market.
  • The loyalty of the audience increases, which understands that a fly-by-night company will not devote time and resources to high-quality translation and promotion.
  • Conversion is growing, and hence the sales of the company.
  • In what format are texts sent to the translator

    • Many separate files, sometimes with complex formatting.
    • Site address, login, password to replace existing materials online.

    Localization implies constant and close cooperation between the translator and the business owner, who can make changes and send materials for revision.

    How the localization process is organized

    • Goal setting. We discuss with the client the purpose for which the site will be localized.
    • Strategy Development. A list of upcoming works, requirements for the qualifications of performers and technical requirements for the updated resource are being compiled. The interaction algorithm is discussed: who and when downloads the translated content.
    • Preparing files. To estimate the scale of work and the final cost of the project, files are uploaded / loaded. A glossary is compiled for all pages. Keyword translation options are approved.
    • Content adaptation — articles, documentation, videos, buttons, images, advertising campaigns. For the work, not only translators and editors are involved, but also native speakers who live in the region for which the localization is carried out.
    • Control and testing. The resource is checked for adequate display from various devices — mobile phones, laptops, PCs — and platforms. If something is displayed incorrectly or is not displayed, errors are corrected. Based on the results, a detailed report is drawn up, which is provided to the customer as confirmation of the quality of the work performed.

Why involve native speakers?

To get not just a high-quality, but a juicy and attractive translation of advertising, you cannot do without the help of a native speaker. After all, the linguistic space is constantly changing, and only a native speaker can keep track of these processes.

Localization into the native language is always distinguished by the most interesting style and simplicity of presentation. As a result, the materials and the entire resource are better perceived by the target audience.

Advertising texts, slogans, names of companies, products, services should be translated using a native speaker to avoid mistakes.

What affects the cost of the service

  • Translation languages ​​for localization.
  • The urgency of the project.
  • The volume and level of complexity of texts (highly specialized resources, etc.).
  • The need for literary processing.
  • Availability of the site filling service, when a translator or editor enters the translated material into the CMS.

To find out the final cost of the order and the timing of its completion, you can send all the above information to the mail, and we will respond promptly.

Site localization acts as a significant and integral part of intercultural communication and doing business in an international format. Therefore, it should be carried out as efficiently as possible. The success of the entire advertising campaign depends on the level of adaptation of information and the naturalness of language localization.

Our company is ready to translate your website and business into any foreign language, taking into account the realities of the country and promotion methods. Our specialists include translators, advertisers and programmers. Therefore, the localization of your resource will be carried out professionally and on time!

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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