Translation for the German Embassy

As a rule, translation for the German embassy is carried out with a notary certification. The original documents must be apostilled. Apostille is a special stamp of legalization of a document for its validity abroad.

The transfer procedure is as follows:

  • You contact our translation agency and provide the original documents.
  • We put an apostille on the required documents.
  • Copies are made from certificates and other documents intended for long-term use and notarized.
  • Further copies are subject to translation and notarization.
  • Translation of certificates is filed directly to them. No copies needed!
  • Some certificates are subject to apostille (for example, a police clearance certificate, a certificate from a registry office, etc.).

Check with the embassy for a complete list of required documents! Depending on the purpose of the trip and contacting the embassy, ​​the list may be different.

Our bureau employs exclusively competent German translators, registered in the notary register of Minsk, with many years of experience in translating personal documents into German. Therefore, you can always count on us not only in terms of the quality of work, but also in terms of the efficiency of order execution. We make an average package for the embassy in 2-3 days with legalization.

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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