Interpretation at a notary

In life, there are situations when it becomes necessary to contact a notary. But you must admit that not only a Russian-speaking person can come to a notary, but also a foreigner who does not understand a word of Russian, and he simply needs to get information. Not many notaries can speak the client’s language and then interpretation services come to the rescue.

Every client who turns to a notary office for help wants to have a certified professional interpreting.

When is this service required?

· Interpretation by a notary may be required if, as already mentioned, a citizen of a foreign state has come, for example, to issue a power of attorney;

· Signing a contract, which will be written in two languages ​​and notarized;

· When drawing up an agreement between legal entities, interpretation by a notary may also be required, because the terms used by a notary are not always clear.

For what purposes the translator is at the notary

When concluding any legal documents with citizens speaking different languages, the presence of an interpreter with a specialist diploma is simply necessary. Even if a notary knows the basic phrases in a foreign language, he will not be able to competently convey the necessary information to the client. In order for the client to make sure that all information is brought to him in an undistorted form and in full, the translator will have to present a diploma of education. And this is really important in principle, since only such a specialist must put a signature confirming the correctness of the translation.

Why customers choose us

The authority that our company has is impeccable. We do not undertake work if we are not sure of its result;

· We use an individual approach to each client of the company. The service provided by our translators is really top notch;

· The translation made by our specialist is reliable and we provide a 100% quality guarantee for it;

· We provide clients with the opportunity to make an order for a test translation;

· Our company is committed to long-term cooperation and therefore we value our authority.

Our team of highly qualified employees will promptly respond to your request and provide you with an interpreter at the notary office as soon as possible.

The translator who will serve you at the notary will have a diploma with him confirming his qualifications, or be in the register of notarized translators in the city of Minsk.

Interpreting by a notary is a very popular service, so our bureau has done everything possible to speed up and simplify the ordering process. Of course, the sooner you take care of this issue, the better for you and for us, however, if you need a translation specialist urgently, you can feel free to contact us, we are able to provide an interpreter in an hour!

To order, please contact the interpreting manager, or tel. +375299153522.

We are waiting for your applications!

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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