Corporate offer (promotion!)

Corporate offer

Our translation agency offers companies with large volumes of translation serious discounts on translation and certification.

Among the bonuses you will receive:

— free courier delivery of documents in Minsk

— additional discounts for layout of catalogs, brochures, diagrams, drawings

— Reduced rate for interpreting.

Promotional language pairs (almost 30% cheaper than the standard rate):

English-> Russian 14,00 BYN
German->Russian 14,00 BYN

Thanks to our offer, you can reduce translation costs. At the same time, we guarantee high service, quality assurance of translation, adherence to deadlines.

You are required to: provide a certain monthly volume for translation, at least 100 translation pages per month.

You’ll get:

  1. A cost-loyal translation partner
    Prices for translation in our company increase on average once every 2-3 years.
    Only high-quality translation in compliance with industry terminology
  2. We use the services of specialized translators, we have a staff of editors
  3. Compilation of glossaries for your company
    We maintain a terminological base.
  4. Personal manager
    It is always convenient to communicate with the same person.
  5. Client’s personal account (optional)
    At your request, we will connect you to the client’s personal account, where you can see translation statistics and send us tasks for translation.
  6. Free delivery in Minsk
    Our couriers will be happy to promptly deliver documents in Minsk

Our translators work professionally in the following areas:

  1. Pharmaceutical translation
  2. Medical equipment
  3. Any technical translation
  4. Juristic documents
  5. Court translations
  6. Oil and gas translation
  7.  Notarized translation
  8. Marketing, IT, advertising

In order to discuss the terms of cooperation, write to the e-mail address or call, and we will definitely come to mutually beneficial cooperation!

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

Attach files

We translate from/to 40 languages

We translate from/to many languages, but we mainly specialize in the following languages

How does our translation agency guarantee the quality of a translation?

Ensuring high-quality translation is carried out in several stages:
1. Preparatory work: coordination of all details with the customer, compilation of a glossary, preparation of documents for translation. The data is entered into a special CMS in which our company operates.
2. The process itself: translation by one or a team of translators of an order or project. At the same time, the translation takes place online, our managers can monitor the progress of the work in real time. Thus, the risks of missed deadlines are additionally excluded.
3. Verification of the translation: after the translation, the process of editing (+ proofreading) of the translation takes place. In some cases, the editor works «online» together with the translators, reducing the time for proofreading.
4. Final revision and preparation for delivery to the customer: the manager carries out a final check of the text for compliance with all the critical requirements of the customer, and, if necessary, makes adjustments.
5. Receiving feedback: translators must receive feedback from the project editor, thus improving the professional level of translators and trying to eliminate any mistakes and inaccuracies made by translators earlier in further translations.
The construction of such a process can only be guaranteed by a qualified translation agency. That is why we are chosen by many customers, as opposed to orders on translation exchanges or from individual translators. All translations are covered by a lifetime guarantee.

How many pages can one translator translate per day?

One professional translator is able to translate 7 to 10 pages per working day. The speed may depend on the quality of the materials provided for translation, on the complexity of the subject, as well as on the specialized software used in the translation. If translators use specialized translation memory programs, then in some cases one translator can translate up to 20 pages of text per day.

How to determine the number of characters in a document?

The number of characters in a document can be determined if your document is in an editable format (Word, Excel, web document, and so on). To do this, you need to insert text into a Word file and see the number of characters in the Statistics section. If your document is in a non-editable format, but you want to be priced, send your materials for translation better to us! We will contact you as soon as possible and advise you in detail.

What is your minimal order? How is the cost of an order calculated?

The minimal order for written translation is 1800 characters including spaces (1 translation page). If there are several standard documents in the order (for example, a passport, certificate, certificate), then the cost of translation is calculated at a minimum of 1800 characters for each document, regardless of the resulting number of characters in the translation. In the case of texts, non-standard documents, the calculation of the cost of the order is carried out in proportion to the volume received. For example, in the translation of the summary, 3299 characters with spaces / 1800 = 1.83 pages were obtained. * Translation rate = cost of the order.

The minimum order for interpreting is 2 hours, regardless of how much the interpreter actually worked.

What kind of quality assurance do you provide? How can I get my money back if I didn't like the translation?

If you do not like the translation for justified reasons, we undertake to independently finalize it at our own expense (i.e. correct the identified errors or re-translate from scratch). A full refund is made without an examination in the event that the fact of the provision of services was absent or the work was not provided on time, which led to the fact that the customer no longer needs the translation.

In other cases, you can contact the quality control department of our company for a preliminary examination of the translation. In disputable cases, the official translation expertise is carried out by other qualified translation agencies with many years of experience in providing this service (the cost of the expertise is paid by the losing party).

Do you guarantee confidentiality?

Confidentiality agreements have been signed with all our employees, providing for responsibility for the disclosure of information. At your request, we can destroy all materials that were provided to us for translation. Deletion of information occurs only at the request of the customer, in other cases, the information is stored in our database.

What our customers say

Here are several reviews about us from internet and some testimonials that our clients sent to us directly.
14 июня 2023 г.

Good afternoon. Yesterday, a transaction was successfully completed by which you helped us with the translation of documents. I want to tell you a lot of thanks for the work and for going to meet us and adjusted to our circumstances.

03 апреля 2022 г.

I ordered a translation of instructions for professional medical equipment. The translation is high -quality, all medical terms are observed, precisely and understandable.


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