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Our company provides interpretation services into dozens of languages ​​of the world. The Agency is ready to process an application even in the «from today to today» format.

To make our interpreter in Minsk fit your criteria, provide the maximum amount of information:

  • venue and format of the planned event;
  • duration of the event;
  • audience feature and other useful data.

The Agency has a special department that organizes simultaneous translations. A client can always request a resume of several specialists at once in order to be sure of their qualifications and to choose the necessary translator.


The cost of interpretation depends on the following factors:

  • Language. The more rare the language you need, the more expensive the services of a specialist will cost.
  • Subject. In some cases, a specialist must have not only general knowledge of the language, but also the subject of the event — possessing special vocabulary. The services of highly specialized translators are much more expensive.
  • Number of translators. The larger the event, the more specialists will be required.
  • Translation type (simultaneous or consecutive). Simultaneous translation is considered laborious.

When might a translator be needed?

Interpretation may be needed by both legal entities and individuals in the following cases:

  • conferences, forums;
  • conversation;
  • meeting foreign guests;
    sports and cultural events;
  • general educational activities;
  • opening of international exhibitions and other cases when it is necessary to interact with people of different nationalities and languages.


What is the difference between interpretation and writing?

  1. In written translation, the specialist receives the original in a fixed form. It can be changed, compared, corrected. With interpretation, the specialist can also receive the text of the speech or meeting, but the speech cannot be corrected or compared. Here the translation is done post factum.
  2. The translator has the whole text at his disposal. The work is being carried out consistently. It is impossible to work like that with oral speech. The specialist has access only to certain segments of the text.
  3. In oral translation, a specialist has a feedback / direct connection with the object of communication. This allows you to influence the final result and make corrections online.


The choice of the type of interpretation depends on the specifics of the communication:

  • Consistent. Common view. Translation is carried out only after the speaker has finished a phrase, speech or paused. This type is used during business negotiations, seminars, exhibitions, excursions.
  • Simultaneous. Difficult look. Interpretation is carried out simultaneously with the speech (the delay does not exceed three seconds). The translator has to very quickly perceive, translate and reproduce speech. At the same time, the specialist is obliged to accurately and concisely express the meaning of what the speaker said. The translator does not use those fragments of phrases that are unnecessary and delay the translation time. This type of translation is relevant during business meetings, conferences with a large audience. Here it is important to save time and correctly form the thought of what was said.
  • Joking. A type of interpretation used in meetings where the majority of the audience speaks the target language. The translator only works with 1-2 people. The specialist translates the text in an undertone. Special equipment is often used. The interpreter can sit in another room or part of the hall and work through a microphone. The client will hear the necessary information through the headphones. The whispering translation service is relevant for excursions and forums.

Also, oral translation can be used when conducting telephone conversations, interviews.

Depending on the format of the event, such a translation is:

  • One-sided — speeches, lectures.
  • Bilateral — negotiations, conversations, interviews.

Our team has been working on the market for more than 10 years and has successfully completed more than 5000 projects on translation into foreign languages.

Our average query response time is 15 minutes. Please make your query more specific for us to make our response more swift.

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Service order

Before placing an order, we recommend filling out a short brief, which will reflect your requirements. The manager will receive the necessary information and will promptly contact you.

You can also get qualified advice by calling +375299153522.


The interpreting agency in Minsk guarantees:

  • Highly qualified specialists. All employees of the company have relevant higher education and extensive work experience.
  • High quality of any kind of translation, regardless of the topic and format of the event.
  • Efficiency of work — an urgent translation service is available.
  • Affordable prices for interpretation.
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Our company has been certified according to ISO 17100:2015
Our company has been certified according to ISO 17100:2015
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The complexity of literary translation lies in the fact that it is necessary not only to convey the meaning of the text, but also to preserve the uniqueness of the author's style.
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